Mount Racey – Yuubari, Hokkaido.

Went again this year to Mt. Racey in Hokkaido. The package tour this year was more expensive than last year, but we did get an extra day to spend in Sapporo. Total cost was around 67,000 yen each, which covered airfare, hotel accommodation and some discounts – no food included in the package like last year.

The weather wasn’t as good as it could have been on the first day, but was much better on the second and third. I also took up our new video camera and (very carefully) took some clips of the mountain.

Didn’t get much jumping in this time around even though there was more snow. We also managed to visit the snow festival in Sapporo at night time which was nice. The same day we headed back to Chiba, we also visited the Sapporo beer museum and learnt a little about the history of beer in Japan.

I hate people.

Was a great day at movieworld until I got back to the hotel. My laptop was gone. Only thing stolen from the apartment was my $4000+ laptop. Makes for a great holiday. Hopefully it will be covered by insurance, but all my personal data (at least three years worth) my teaching documents, email and photos are all now publicly available. It makes me feel sick. I just hope the people that stole it are going to sell it to someone who might respect my privacy and delete all the information before passing it on.

Or, I might get it back. We shall see….

Its bloody Cold

I’m cold. It’s sunny, but I’m cold. I though that the gold coast would have been warmer. I was wearing a jacket yesterday. Not my idea of a nice warm holiday. Went to Hungry Jacks (Burger King) yesterday and realized that the Burger King in Japan is much better. The bacon and cheese here sucks. Hopefully New Zealand will be better. You cant even drink in public here. Oh I miss Japan so much already. There are so many fat and ugly people over here it’s just sad. Sure Japan has its bad side too, its just everyone does there best to ignore/hide the problems.

The family took some old style photos yesterday. We all dressed up in cowboy style clothes, it was very interesting. One big issue I had with the service was that they wouldn’t provide you with a digital copy. I wanted to photoshop out all the mistakes and so on, but they would only provide a printed photo. There was also a shooting range, but it was way too expensive. Around $90 to shoot a .44 (or .40) magnum with 40 rounds. After the photo shoot we went bowling for a bit. I didn’t do too bad even though I haven’t bowled for a long time. I managed about three strikes.

Other than that, all I’ve done in Aussie is spend too much money (It seems as if the cost of living is higher than in Japan!) and eat/drink. Not really much fun. Hopefully I will be heading over to Movieworld or Dreamworld tomorrow. That should be good. Problem is it’s school holidays over here so there will be a whole bunch of noisy kids too. Damn.

One other thing. It’s freaky that I can understand everyone around me. Upon arrival it felt eerily strange. I even spoke Japanese to the lady at the currency exchange place! Its just so foreign. As the song says “I think I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese I really think so” etc. Freaky. I don’t know if its a good or a bad thing. I think I’m alot more comfortable in Japan. Maybe Japan has made me soft. Who cares? All I know is I just feel a little out of place – at least in Australia. It will be interesting to see what New Zealand is like.

Going on Holiday

Ok, I’ve had four bottles of wine on the flight and so far so good. Its only an eight and a half hour flight from Narita to Brisbane so I shouldn’t get deep veign thrombirisitinsnmnsnsass or whatever its called. I plan on spending the time using the laptop I’m blogging on until its dead, drinking some more, and then hopefully going to sleep. Why am I heading to Brisbane you ask? Well, I managed to steal some days away from work (Paid holiday but during school term) to celebrate my sisters 21st birthday in Australia, and then my fathers birthday in New Zealand.

Its going to be great catching up with everyone back home. Hopefully the bank account can hold out until I’m back in Japan. Oh, one more thing, this plane is crazy old. It still has ashtrays, and tube televisions. I don’t even have my own screen and I feel like a sardine in this stupid seat. You would think that an airline like JAL/Quantas would be using a newer plane. They did the last time I travelled. Oh well, at lease it hasn’t crashed yet.

Fuji Q Highland

Went to FujiQ Highland last week with a bunch of other A.L.Ts. It was my first time to visit a real roller coaster park. All up, there were about three large coasters; Fujiyama (Up to 80m and straight down), Don Don Pa! (Shoots you off at about 170kmh in 2 seconds – note that you will go crazy while waiting) and Eejyanaika (Great ride, weird seats and straight down views). We arrived at about 1.30pm on Friday (Three or so hour drive from Chiba) and managed to ride a decent amount of attractions. We got a two day pass (7900 yen). Riding Fujiyama at night is great, it has funky lighting. I might upload some of the shots of me on the coasters when I get a scanner. I almost lost my voice the first time I went on Fujiyama – second time around was alot less freaky and much more fun.

We finished around 8pm (the first day) and headed out to our accommodation. I would fully recommend this place to anyone that needs some place to sleep in the area. Its really new, nice showers, next to an onsen, has a wicked big tv, free Internet, nice kitchen and great people running the place. Its called K’s House Mt. Fuji (we paid 2500yen each) check out http://www.itcj.jp/hdb/419024.html for details

All in all it was a great holiday. Minus the stiff back and neck (thanks to that stupid Panic Clock and Moon Raker).

I was looking at the weather forecast today, might be in for a big typhoon (35mps winds) should be interesting tomorrow. Hope I can get home as they may stop the trains.

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