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New School – Takasudaiichi

The last and final visit for my term as a J.E.T A.L.T. Only three weeks this time (only about 3 visits for each class) as I will be off for the wedding, trip to New Zealand, Paperwork with name changes and visa status, and moving into a new apartment.

Finally I get a school within biking distance and it’s bloody summer. Still, might be one last chance to try and loose some weight before the wedding.

First impressions. There are 15 classes. Self-introductions once again! The first years are a fairly rowdy bunch but seem nice enough to be quiet when you need them to. The third year class I had today (which I was told was the nicest of the lot) wouldn’t shut up for the entire class and are a pain to teach. Haven’t had a second year class yet but have been told they are a nice bunch.

The Principal is very kind and I also know three of the teachers from previous schools. They seem like a nice enough bunch.

Another sports day this Saturday too!

New School – Toke Junior High

Another term, another school. The teachers here seem really nice. The school is about a 10 minute walk from the station and its in a really rural area. I will finally be able to breathe without inhaling metallic fumes (Sanno JHS).

Luckily there are only six classes, meaning only six self introductions. Defiantly much more fun when most of the time is not self intros.

Made a milk tower while waiting for lunch too!

Milk Tower

New School – Sannou Junior High

Started at Sannou JHS Tuesday last week. Still have a few self introductions to do. I really don’t have a problem introducing myself, yet doing it fifteen times over a week and a half is just a pain in the ass. Still, I am getting paid so who am I to complain right?

From my house, Sannou is probably the second furthest school I have been to, the first being Tokeminami. I take the train from Honchiba to Nishichiba (I could bike it but it’s too cold and I am lazy) then grab the bus from Nishichiba Station. It’s a 35-40 minute bus ride and then a five minute walk.

There are 16 classes with around 35 students in each class. The kids seem nice so far, with the third year students the most ‘active’ – most likely due to the fact they will be graduating soon. Luckily they have badminton, tennis and volleyball clubs, sports which I can play without looking like a complete noob.

Only six more months to go until the end of my English teaching career (probably)

Sannou Junior High School

New School – Makuharihongo

The summer is finally over. The days are getting cooler. School has begun. I didn’t really get up to much over the summer holidays as my credit card bill is equal to my pay check this month. I have got to start pinching pennies and save for the wedding.

School started yesterday. Looks like I have another great school. There are around 550 students, which works out to around 15 classes. The school won the Chiba prefecture kendo competition, and won bronze for the Kanto region. They are also very good at track and field, and there is also one girl that won something for surfing. Unfortunately for me they don’t have a badminton or tennis club, so I will have to make do with soccer and volleyball.

The teachers all seem nice (So far) and there are a few around my age (or they just look young) – so hopefully we will have a few things in common.

Self Introductions start today. Luckily I have a double stay so I don’t mind too much. I made sure to commandeer the computer room because it’s much easier to present in, and it has air conditioning 😉

New School – Konakadai Junior High

Moved into the new school on Monday. Seems good so far. There are around 680 students, or 19 classes. Going to be a boring two weeks of self introductions. The trip here is a lot less painful than the previous school, its 2 minutes on the train to Chiba (from Honchiba) a 4 minute wait for another train to Inage (about 5 minutes). From Inage its around a 7 minute bus trip and a 2 minute walk. I can finally wake up at a semi reasonable hour (6.40).

New School – Amado Junior High School

I have moved on to my next school, Amado Junior High. The kids here are amazing. During the assembly on Monday (my intro speech and some other stuff for the new first years) not one of them made a peep. I could actually hear my heart beating they were so quiet. It kind of freaked me out; this is probably the first school I have been to where an assembly took place without incident.

It’s not only the assemblies that are like this either. I went to see a P.E class and noticed that they were all warming up instead of pissing about before the teacher arrived. It’s a strange feeling, I don’t know if they are actually doing this because it makes sense (more time to enjoy P.E class I guess) or if they have been brainwashed or something. It’s hard to tell if I am going to enjoy this school more than some of the naughtier ones but it is certainly going to be easier teaching them English.

The one thing that sucks about being here is that I have to take the same damned bus that I took when I was visiting Hanamigawadaini. I have to get up just after six, leave at around 6:45, take a bus and train to school and arrive around 7:45 – 15 minutes too early. Still, I guess it’s not a bad habit to get into, even If it’s only going to last around 6 weeks.

Self Intro Progress: 4 down, 9 to go.

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