Went to Kamogawa Sea world for the golden week. The best bit was being able to drive again. I haven’t had an opportunity to drive until now in Japan, and Toyota’s rental car service is pretty affordable. We rented a 07′ Prius, one of those hybrid cars with batteries and such. Funny thing is to turn it on; you push a key in and push the power button. The engine doesn’t start until you try to floor it, or are going over 70kmh.

The drive too and from didn’t take as long as we had expected. Teachers had said that it would be around four hours due to traffic, but we managed to get there in a hour and a half – talk about good luck. Oh, another highlight of the trip was the cost – we drove over two hundred kilometers in total, and the car only used around 4-5 litres of petrol. Ill upload some images after I’ve copied them over.