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Just another reminder to myself as to what I will be writing about soon. There are a few things I have in mind. First I will be writing more in Japanese (hopefully) and my next post will be a little about the Job Fair that was held in Akihabara a while ago.
Next I want to write about Softbank and their customer service, and a little about Cellphone contracts. I will also write a breif review of one of the latest phones offered by Softbank, the 920p (Panasonic).
A collection of jokes / riddles from Japanese teachers. Some of these wont be books you can buy. I am slowly collecting them in a little pocket book.
Thats it for now, but I might update this later on.

Schools almost done for the academic year! Only two more full days (Thanks to the public holiday on Thursday) to go.

Its official.

Today was the first day I woke up and was actually freezing. I then made my short semi-naked stroll to my bedroom to get dressed. Bloody cold and its not really winter yet.

In other news, over the weekend I had pulled apart an old laptop and rebuilt it into a digital photo frame. All went well except right at the end of construction I drilled right through the frame. Hopefully a bit of wood filler will fix that. Photo to come soon.

Things to write about.

No excuses for not keeping this blog up to date. I am planning on adding some info from over the last month, but still haven’t gotten around to organizing all my ideas. I’m just going to leave a few topics here so I can write about them later on.

The new school (Toke Minami).
Good places for big people to get shoes.
Yahoo Auctions (Japan)
Studying Japanese.

Wellington Airport!

Free wireless. Yay Wellington! Only an hour to go until I’m on my way back to Japan. To get there I have to head to Brisbane, jump on a plane which stops over in Cairns, then finally on to Narita. Haven’t had any sleep yet, hopefully I will be able to sleep on the plane to Narita. I am feeling sick, and probably have bronchitis again. Stiff neck, brutal cough and phlegm (such a weird word that) that stinks worse than a monkey’s ass. Stink for me.

I would upload a photo of me, but Microsoft didn’t want to make getting photos from the webcam easy. For the life of me, I cant find how to capture still shots from the webcam. Boo Vista!

Update: I used HP’s software instead.

A bit better today.

Went to some place with a whole bunch of outlet stores today. Bought some tracksuit sweat pants/top. Was around 50% off. I seem to be getting used to a fully English environment now. Some people actually seem nice. Overall it was a better day today but I still miss Japan. Had some super sizes kebabs for dinner. Good kebabs! Still haven’t had a swim yet. Too cold. Tomorrow we will be heading to movie world. Might have some photos to post later on, but I don’t have a cable to connect the camera to the PC so it will have to be later on.


Oh the pain of it all!

I wanted to start eating healthy in the morning, and I should really emphasize wanted too. After grabbing some fruit – probably the first time I’ve actually bought real fruit in Japan I realized that it wasn’t going to work out.

I purchased three apples and two pears. The total cost you ask? About $13 or 1300 yen. They were pretty big, but nowhere near worth that much. At that price, I could have bought about three bags of apples and two bags of pears in New Zealand.

That’s not the only thing. My stomach revolted against this sudden ingestion of healthy food and I felt crap all morning – and hungry. So back to the Nutella on toast for me, until I find a cheaper place to get nice fruit.

It kind of sucks because I know I’m putting on weight (thanks to all the all you can drink places around here) but I’m way too lazy to put any additional effort (other than walking to and from school every day – about an hour) into loosing weight. The only other method is eating healthier, and healthy food is just so much more expensive than eating out, even at nice places.

Oh well. So much for staying healthy. I could always try to eat more fish. Or not.

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