Mount Racey – Yuubari, Hokkaido.

Went again this year to Mt. Racey in Hokkaido. The package tour this year was more expensive than last year, but we did get an extra day to spend in Sapporo. Total cost was around 67,000 yen each, which covered airfare, hotel accommodation and some discounts – no food included in the package like last year.

The weather wasn’t as good as it could have been on the first day, but was much better on the second and third. I also took up our new video camera and (very carefully) took some clips of the mountain.

Didn’t get much jumping in this time around even though there was more snow. We also managed to visit the snow festival in Sapporo at night time which was nice. The same day we headed back to Chiba, we also visited the Sapporo beer museum and learnt a little about the history of beer in Japan.

Its snowing again!

Unusual amount of snow for Chiba. Weather forecast says another 10cm will fall tonight. Yay!

First snowy day in Chiba.

Just a shot from the train platform on the way to work. Its still getting colder. Tomorrows high is going to be six degrees. Freezing!


Up to Tauranga, Almost Stuck in the Snow!

Came up to Tauranga yesterday, was a great drive. Only problem was that I was silly enough to stop the car on the side of the desert road with the two front wheels deep in snow. Now, I drive a front wheel drive car, so after I stopped, I immediately thought ‘how the hell am I going to get out, its snow dammit, not gravel’. Well, let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. After almost burning up my clutch (forgot to take the handbrake off – now that is stupid) and destroying the car (full rpm in reverse) I managed to rock the car back and forth to get it back onto the road.

Funny thing is many cars went past, but no-one helped out. That’s just sad. I would help someone if they were stuck in the snow. It’s just a nice thing to do. Shame on everyone who drove past!
Anyway, I filmed the mountain, and ill see what I can do about putting a clip up here when I get back home.

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