私はHC510D-A/WのカーナビとソフトバンクのHTC Desire(X06HT)を使っています。電話、オペレーターサービスと音楽はBluetoothで動きますが、データサービス(Google マップ、最新交通情報など)は使えません。

カーウイングスのデータサービスをご利用するには、普通の(対応している)携帯電話ならBluetoothで使えますが、アンドロイドや、iPhoneや、スマートフォンはそのままでは使えません。なぜなら、BluetoothのDUN (Dial Up Networking)プロフィールは設定してないからです。

Bluetoothは色んなプロフィールがあります。例えば、友達の携帯にBluetoothを使ってファイルを送るとBluetoothのOPP(Object Push Profile)を使用します。Bluetoothのヘッドフォンなら、A2DP(音楽)か、HSP(電話)を使用します。

HTC Desireで、オペレータサービス(通話の方)はHSPだからOKです。それに、音楽はA2DPだらか、Bluetoothで携帯からの音楽も車に聞けます。データサービスを利用すると、DUN (Dial Up Networking)プロフィールが必要です。


Softbank Taking Pre-Orders for Desire HD

Its only been a few months since the Desire was released (and actually available/in stock) on Softbank, and they are already taking orders for the Desire HD. If you jumped on the Android bandwagon and bought a Desire, its not quite worth the upgrade unless you have more money than you need.

These are the HD ‘improvements’

Bigger screen: 4.3″ (Not AMOLED) Screen compared to the Desire’s 3.7
More ram & internal memory: 1.5gb internal & 768mb ram
Better camera: 8 megapixels
Better sound / multimedia: Dolby mobile and dlna.

I assume the non hardware upgrades will also be made available via custom roms for the original Desire. If you are planning on getting one, I highly recommend pre-ordering ASAP. I reserved my Desire the day they started taking pre-orders, and one month later I was one of the very few to get the Desire on the official sales day. Unless they get a decent amount of stock this time round, its very likely that if you do not pre-order, you may be waiting for a few months to get ahold of one.

Here is the Softbank link: http://mb.softbank.jp/mb/smartphone/product/001ht/

And the HTC official Desire HD page: http://www.htc.com/www/product/desirehd/specification.html


Confirmation from the Softbank website. Android and all.


Sweet! Definitely getting this phone as soon as it comes out.

So Happy!

30/03 UPDATE

The Softbank website says that you can place your order/reserve the phone at stores from the 1st April.

HTC Desire with Android coming to Softbank Japan?

After reading through the press release PDF and watching the conference from Softbank, I have come to the conclusion that the only phone fitting the description is the HTC Desire. The only details that Softbank has released so far is that the phone will be running Android with a 1ghz Snapdragon processor, have wifi and a 3.7oled display. It will also have access to Google services and the Android marketplace. The following is from the Softbank PDF:


I hope that this will be released early March as I am really wanting to get one. I phoned Softbank asking about a release date and they told me that there are no details available for this device. They indicated that they usually have the phone in the database two months prior to release indicating the phone may be released around June.

One more ‘Oops’ from Softbank.

I’m not picking on them, its just the only mazagine (book?) I’ve read recently.


Love the English on the My Softbank website.

Just logged into my control panel on the My Softbank website (its a mix of English images, but most of the text is Japanese) and found this little gem.

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